Business in the Summertime

While I was at one of my networking meetings (yes, we meet in the summer) the other day — Latte Ladies on — Camille Goddard of Footprints to Wellness asked how we stay in work mode over the summertime. She was looking for us to help pull her out of “summer fun” mode. Sadly for her, we weren’t going for it.

The truth was that everyone in the group seemed to alter our work style in the summer. We did more coffee meetings on the patio, shorter but no less productive work days, and looked for casual networking meetings to keep some sense of time accountability (“It’s mid-July already!?”). Now, please don’t think we don’t work in the summer. Of course, clients are cared for, projects progress, and business development keeps trucking along. But, for some reason, we find more efficient, more effective ways to do this and keep a little summer in our lives.

The $100,000 question is then — if the work gets done, our clients are happy, and projects keep coming in — how do we keep the “summer fun” year round?