Summer is the Perfect Time for Business…

I know what you’re thinking…you can’t seem to get anyone on the phone, decisions seem to be made super slow, and why does business seem to dry up with the weather, right?

While summer no longer means “two month siesta” for many industries, it does generally mean at least a slow down for most. Never fear, this is the perfect time for fine tuning your business. Here’s how:

  1. Networks: Networking events are difficult to find this time of year. Organizers are generally off coming up with fabulous ideas for the new season. That does not mean that your networking needs to suffer, however. Pick up the phone and call a few contacts you’ve been meaning to get to know better. If they’re well suited to one another, organize an informal after work cocktail at your local patio. If you’d rather chat with each of them separately, book outdoor coffee or walking meetings. Neither of you will want to be cooped up indoors.
  2. Refresh Your Marketing: Write a list of what you’ve been doing to market your business lately. Take a close look. What has been working? What activities have directly resulted in sales? Be honest. If there are items on the list not pulling their weight, consider replacing them with new activities. Note: this can be done in the sun on a patio or in a park.
  3. Get Some New Ideas: I get some of my best ideas while in the shower. I think it’s because my brain is free to wander (as the actual act of showering is pretty automated at this point in my life). Give your brain some rest this summer. Of course, I hope you take a vacation, but also consider planning “field trips” during work hours. Does music give you a jolt? Find a lunch hour concert (usually in the park!). Are you more visual? Go to the local art gallery. Love nature? Jump on a near-by trail for some serious down time. You’ll return to the office refreshed and ready to brainstorm.