Tidy Up Your Social Media for the New Year

Are you planning on doing some tidying in the next few weeks to get ready for the New Year? Don’t forget about your social media platforms.

Whether you’re constantly on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn or they are programs you set up in July and are hoping to get back to one day, social media needs a bit of housekeeping.

Here’s my list of easy-to-do, high-impact cleaning that will get your 2012 off to a fresh start.

All Social Media

  • Update Your Profile: Just take a quick look and make sure it still sounds like you. Replace the head shot from 2001 and do any other quick dusting that needs doing
  • Go Through the Contact Suggestions: All of the major social media sites make suggestions about who you might know or might want to connect with, based on your current connections. These can be long lists, but make some time to sit down with a cup of tea and run through these. You’ll be surprised at how many people you know but haven’t connected with


  • Purge the Follow List: Quickly run through and unfollow anyone you find annoying or unhelpful. Spend your time communicating with people who either offer interesting information, great conversation, re-tweets, or just general support. Release the rest
  • Work the Follow List: Is there anyone in there you haven’t communicated with in a while but would like to? Make a note to keep a special eye on their tweets in the next while to start an exchange or send them an @ post
  • Review the Followers List: Run through your followers list and “Follow” anyone who seems intriguing or anyone who has engaged with you in an interesting way

Facebook Pages

  • Review Your Likes: Take a look at who likes you. If they also have a Page and you find them intriguing, why not Like their Page back? This interconnection is what builds the social networks to a level that supports business growth
  • Work Your Likes: Do you have a Like from someone you’d like to get to know better? Make a note to send them an email, a message, or write on their wall
  • Take a Look at Other Pages: This is a good opportunity to find some other Pages you’d like to stay current with and comment on. Like them through your personal account and their posts will show up on your Newsfeed for easy . Simply comment, share or “like” their posts from which ever account you’d like them to appear


  • Review Your Contact List: Go through your contact list and make a note of anyone you need to touch base with. Make an appointment in your calendar to send these people an email, give them a call, or reach out on social media
  • Check Out Your Contacts’ Contacts: Click on their contact list and see if there’s anyone they know that you’d like to connect with. Already know that person? Just send them a contact request. Want to know them? Ask your contact for an introduction. This is one of LinkedIn’s most under-used functions, in my opinion
  • Take a Look at LinkedIn’s Newer Features: So, you think your LinkedIn profile is up to date? Well, LinkedIn constantly adds new sections. Peruse some of their newest such as “Skills” and “Company Profiles”