Twitter for the Entrepreneur

I must admit, I was a little wary of Twitter when it first broke onto the scene. Micro-blog about my day? How exciting could my lunch break be?

That is until a colleague asked me, “Is it because it seems too personal?” Eureka! That was it! I was very uncomfortable talking about the banalities of my life. Heck, even I find those things boring and I’m living them. That’s when I decided to use Twitter for business purposes only.

I have to say that I have a new respect for Twitter. I have a few colleagues that I follow — we all work alone — and it actually feels a little like being in an office again. When I log in, I hear all about the stubborn code that just won’t work or the insane deadline another has set for herself. Suddenly, it’s not banal at all but an easy way to briefly connect and lose that feeling of isolation solo entrepreneurs often feel.

Okay, I’m still not a super-Tweeter. I tend to listen way more than I Tweet (which follows with my personality anyway) but I do now consider Twitter an important part of my day.

I’m at @PebbleRoad, if you’d like to join the Twitter conversation.