Tips on Becoming a Blogging Pro

For anyone new to to the experience, blogging can be quite overwhelming. Oh, sure, it’s cool for the first few days until you realize you’ve already run out of topics (a very nerve-wracking moment). Then what? How many times do your patient clients want to hear about the dog’s weekend antics? (In case you’re confused: zero.)

No fear. I’ve come across help for all of us: ProBlogger is offering an on-going, online course, 31 Days to Building a Better Blog. I took the course, as did a blog-seasoned colleague of mine, and found it extremely helpful. Written by professional blogger Darren Rowse, the course touches on writing different types of posts, planning a posting schedule, SEO auditing, and digging into your site’s statistics, among other things.

Take the course day-by-day, as it was intended, or sit down for a blog-a-thon of all 31 posts. But — if you’re intending on adding blogging to your marketing program — be sure to take a look.