The Little Touches Speak Volumes

I just received my copy of the June 2009 Entrepreneur magazine from FreshBooks. No, they have not diversified into magazine sales, rather, they were named one of Entrepreneur‘s “100 Brilliant Companies” and, to celebrate, offered all of their subscribers a copy on them. Brilliant.

No, really. Here I am blogging about it. I’ve also sent out a tweet and plan to write a thank you email in the next hour or so. Brilliant.

Now, I will confess that, as a devoted paper connoisseur who has cut way down on magazine purchases (due to my earth-saving guilt), just offering me the chance to get a new, shiny issue very nearly bonds me as a friend-for-life. However, FreshBooks went even further, tapping into my marketing sensibilities as well.

Each copy includes the CEO’s business card marking the page of their article and, on that page, a hand-written (in ink) Post-It thanking the subscriber for being interested. Brilliant.

Now, if only I could get FreshBooks (a Canadian company) to charge me in Canadian funds, we could, in fact, become friends-for-life.