Optimizing Your LinkedIn Contacts

Okay. So, you’ve invited your colleagues to link to you on LinkedIn. They’ve all accepted and your contact and resume information is all up-to-date, right? Now what?

Truthfully, this is as far as many of us get. We may remember to check out our contact’s connections to see if we’ve missed anyone. But this is usually where it ends.

I was at a course a few weeks ago when the presenter made a statement that shook me a little – he’s never (never) heard of anyone who has received business directly from their LinkedIn efforts. And he’s a social media expert. Yikes.

Well, the good news is that I have heard rumours of the elusive business brought in from LinkedIn connections. How did they do it? Well, I have a Give It a Try item for you this week!

I want you to pick ten of your LinkedIn contacts and check out their connections. Look for anyone that might make a good client, supplier or referral partner for your business. Now, email that contact and ask for an introduction to the potential new contact. You can do it!

From here on out, it’s like any networking opportunity. Just set your networking follow-up process in motion and reap the rewards. (Don’t have a networking follow-up process? We’ll talk about that in a future blog post.)