Changing Your Twitter Background

Did you know that your Twitter page can take on your branding design quite easily? Even if you’re at a loss at how to make a background image, your page can include your brand colours. Here’s how to spruce it up:

  • Go into your “Settings” at the top right-hand corner of your Twitter page
  • Choose “Design” from the blue navigation bar just under “Your Name’s settings”
  • Choose a theme from the different options. Don’t like any of these but have an image you’d like to use?
    • Scroll down and choose “Change background image”, upload your image, and click the “save changes” button at the bottom of the page
  • Want to change the colour of the background, column, links, or the text? Simply, scroll down and choose “Change design colors”, click on the appropriate box and choose a colour
    • If you know the hex colour code, type it in without the # at the front
    • If you know the RBC colour, you can find the hex code with this handy site

Be sure to click “done” once the colour is picked and “save changes” once the correct colour or image appears in the box. Otherwise, the changes will not update on your page.


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