Which Pages Should Be SEO’d?

Last week we chatted about what SEO actually is and what some of the ways to boost your site. But, remember my complaint about how the site I’d visited had an SEO’d privacy page? I know — if I make fun of companies who SEO their privacy page, then which pages should be given some extra love?

I’ve compiled a handy list of when you should go through the time and trouble to research keywords, write keyword phrases, write the phrases into your copy, and design meta tags that will — hopefully — bump you up in the index. This list is not exhaustive but should give you a better idea of when — and when not — to spend the time and effort on SEO.

  • Home pages: These are usually where we explain the overall picture of our company — what we do, who we are, our philosophy. People should be able to find our home pages.
  • Services and/or product pages: Yes, if I’m looking for the Super 7 Mighty Cabbage Chopper, I want to go right to that product’s web page. I need information that will help me decide whether or not to purchase this product — stat! Please make sure Google knows it can send me to this page in my moment of need.
  • About me (us) pages: Sometimes, people only remember our names, not our companies. This happens a lot with networking…several months later we just remember that Nelly was teaching aromatherapy courses. It would be great if I could just ask Google for “Nelly + aromatherapy courses + Vancouver” and find her.
  • Blogs: Google indexes blog posts as individual pages. Yipee! Make sure you’ve chosen intelligent categories and Google generally does the rest.
    Hint — if you have a lot of news in your company or organization, consider using a blog format for the news section. That way, the search engines will index each piece of news you send out separately.

Are you shocked? Did you think there would be more? Well, there may be pages that are important to your company and need to be SEO’d. For example, a public company may want to SEO their stockholders’ information pages. The privacy page, however, can probably be left alone (did I mention?).

Have questions? Feel free to leave a comment and I will respond.