Segmenting: Subtargeting Your Target

At the Think Session last week, I had one participant ask how she could target the 20-30 year old market. I have to admit — there was a few seconds of silence in the room.

How do you target the 20-30 year old market? Where are they? Well, they’re everywhere and doing everything, we soon discovered. Our “where are they” list included getting married, travelling, working on their corporate career, studying in university, apprenticing at a trade, having children, postponing adulthood, learning new extreme sports, buying a home, and the list literally went on from there.

What can someone do when their target is, well, untargetable?

Segment. Daydream about what your ideal customer will be doing in their 20-30s. How much money will they have? What will their priorities be? How will your product or service make their lives easier or better? Pick the best subset of the larger target and go with that.

Still nervous that you’re leaving too many potential customers out of the “net”? Don’t be. Targeted marketing works better than floppy, messy marketing and is easier to measure. Besides, there’s nothing saying you can’t have more than one target.

Once you have the first segment’s marketing program humming away, go back to your segment list and pick another. Just make sure you don’t mix them in with the first group. Treat them as a separate target (because they are) and build campaigns just for them.