Yet Another Reason to Network

I’ve talked about networking before. I talk (write) about it because it’s been a wonderful addition to my own marketing efforts. I get a lot of work from the people I meet while networking.

There are, however, many other reasons to network and I’ve run across one of the them in a bright yellow highlighted sort of way today.

I’m considering using one of the social coupon sites to bring awareness to one of my clients. I’ve purchased from these sites before as a consumer but never as the advertiser. As someone who makes recommendations to clients, I definitely want to make sure I’ve done my homework. Today, my homework was supported by my networking. Here’s how:

I was running through the list of past offers from one particular site and noticed that several of my contacts had used the service. Yay! I had people I could contact for references.

I immediately pulled out my Rolodex (just kidding) and emailed two of the past advertisers. I got a quick response from one of them letting me know that he was unhappy with the service and the sales levels. Phew! Good to know now and not after recommending it to a client!

By the way, those contacts? I had met the first one a few times but the second was someone I had only met once. People want to help each other. Need a recommendation? Do not hesitate to contact an acquaintance. It gives you the opportunity to re-introduce yourself and get the help you need.