Holiday Marketing Update: What I’ve Seen, Been Sent, or Experienced

Back in October, I gave a list of 5 Tips for Holiday Marketing. The response to the article was great. I was curious, however, how people actually ended up offering good tidings during the season. After all, reading an article is very different from implementing an entire marketing strategy.

I must say that I was impressed by the way many people used the holidays to reach out to at least current clients and contacts. Here are just a few things that I either saw, received, or experienced:

  1. Personalized cards: I received many lovely cards this season but two in particular stand out. Amy at The Blending Bar wrote hand-written cards and included a little satchel of Christmas Eve tea. Linda and Jenn at LaVigne Organic Skincare sent a hand-written card with a CD of their holiday favourites (and added a promo graphic to their website — check it out).
  2. E-cards: I got a beautiful e-card from Christine at Bluelime Media. I’ve linked to it here — it’s a great example of how an e-card can be attractive and effective.
  3. Books: Yes! I got a book. Sigh. Lilly of Flair Image Consulting gave me Live Your Vacation by Gloria Tom Wing Staudt. Gloria, by the way, is a Burnaby-area coach I’ve known for years but didn’t know about the book until Lilly mentioned it. The world is small; networking is important.
  4. Receptions & events: Donna of Focused Networking offered her network the opportunity to meet and greet at a relaxed reception. Jill at Mackin House Museum hosted volunteers in the beautifully decorated museum (take a moment to pop by if you have time this season) for an evening around the fire. The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce held their sold-out Christmas Luncheon earlier this month. It was so nice to catch up with familiar faces at a fun, festive event.
  5. Snacks: Mary-Ellen at Conduit Coaching hand bakes a million (okay, not quite that many) types of cookies and delivers them to as many people as she possibly can over the crazy holidays. They are delicious and I always look forward to them.

    So, did you run across any interesting holiday promotions this year?

    Of course, there are the huge campaigns by the larger corporations. They are always striking and effective (okay, almost always). My favourite of the season is Robin Hood Flour’s Elizabeth & Andrew. I would adopt them today, if they weren’t computer animated. These aren’t new this year but are ads I wait to see on TV. All three are available online (see the previous link) for your viewing pleasure.

    Happy holidays!