New Year, New Marketing Activity?

I realize that most of us are desperate to get the Christmas shopping done right now. I promise that will calm down in a few days and your business-related thoughts will most likely drift towards how you can get more clients in the New Year.

Am I wrong?

There are so many ways to market these days! It can get overwhelming. For some, we stick to the tried and true. If it’s still working, great. If you’re getting bored or need a boost to your marketing life, take heart. Why not add in a new activity to the mix?

Here are a few to think about:

  1. Network with a new group: Do some research and find an entirely different group of people to network with. I’ve recently been introduced to the Board of Change (thanks Jay at Systemic Result) and the Entrepreneur Ultimate Referral Network (thanks Frank at RoadRunner IT Solutions). I haven’t checked out these yet — they will be my New Year’s project. Please see the sidebar of the newsletter for the regular Tri-Cities haunts.
  2. Start participating on a few blogs: I don’t mean you have to write your own. Just take a look around for a few you like (or would like) to read and start leaving comments. Your comments are linked back to your website and you’d be amazed at how people will check out your site if they like your (hopefully helpful and relevant) comment.
  3. Pick a social media outlet and commit to it: You don’t have to join every social media group (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) but maybe choose one that fits best with your personality and communication style. The trick? Commit to it and stay consistent. That is the key to building your business through social media. Another trick? Combine it with in-person networking. Miss604 (Rebecca Bollwitt) recently said that once she started in-person networking, her social network exploded. She’s now considered to be one of Vancouver’s most influential online media personalities.
  4. Add the personal touch: Choose 10-20 companies or groups you would like to work with in the next year and draft out a plan on how to contact them and market your services to them. This sounds intimidating, but it’s really just about choosing your target, contacting them, and educating them on what you do and how you can help them. It can be as simple as asking for coffee meetings with people you haven’t seen in ages but could help you build your business. Hint: check out your LinkedIn contacts and see who you haven’t connected with in a while.

So, as 2011 approaches and you recover from the craze of shopping and preparing, take a bit of time to think about what the New Year will bring for you and your business. Good luck and have fun!

One Reply to “New Year, New Marketing Activity?”

  1. Love #4 tip…10-20 companies or groups etc. And also love the job you have done for me setting up my blog and more information on Facebook and how to utilize it for my business. And teaching me how to use PayPal for my business. And thanks so much for giving Gloria’s book “Live Your Vacation” a plug. It’s a great step by step book on how to get rid of all our personal excess baggage.
    Merry Christmas!

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