Getting Your Facebook Vanity URL

Many of us have set up Facebook pages for our companies. Did you know that it’s possible to set a vanity URL for your page? Yes, you just need 25 or more followers and — voila! — could be yours.

How, you ask? After you have your 25 followers, click on this link and Facebook will let you choose your user name. You can get to the user name function in the Account Settings area as well.

Beware! You can only choose your user name once — it can never be changed — so choose wisely.

Now that you have your very own vanity URL, what will you do with it? It’s great for business cards or any print material where users cannot just click a link to get to your Facebook page.

Note, you can have vanity URLs for LinkedIn (called a public profile — just hit the “edit” link beside it in your profile) and for Twitter too (it’s for everyone — no need to set it up).

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