Just How Fast Can Google Index? Very Fast

I just happened to be on Facebook when word struck at about 5:10pm (PST) that Whitney Houston had passed away. I immediately Googled news for Whitney Houston, trying to figure out whether or not this was a hoax. After all, many still-living celebrities have had their time in the online obit column (Jon Bon Jovi being the most recent.)

Google was showing that the Associated Press had posted about it. The only other news was from Perez Hilton, who had posted a photo of her leaving a club the night before. No other mention of her passing appeared.

Two minutes later, another blog post was indexed. The ABC post was next. I was amazed to be witnessing how quickly Google was indexing such an “of the moment” event. Within 15 minutes, most of the major media outlet posts were listed.

When my friend arrived at 5:30pm to pick me up for dinner, the internet was a buzz and confirmation and a few details of her death had been received from her publicist.

The moral of the story? Google indexing just books it, trucking along at lightening speed. If people are searching for it, Google’s going to make sure it’s available.

What does this mean for business? Make sure your blog articles are topical, of the moment, and using keywords for which people are actually searching.