Company Social Media Is Best if It’s Not All Business

Want to capture the spirit of social media for your company? Stop talking about your business.

I know it seems counter-intuitive to tell a business owner to stop promoting themselves and their products, but just hear me out.

Social media is — well — social. It’s about conversations and relationships. We’ve all heard this a million times and I know I’m preaching to the choir, but in practice this can be very difficult. We want to promote our products, we want to show how great our stuff is and why everyone should pull out their credit cards for it. In short? We want others to see how fantastic our stuff is and, in turn, make our business a successful one.

With this in mind, it seems unreal that we would take the precious time we have with our prospects and clients to talk about anything BUT our stuff. In reality, however, those people are attracted to our social media pages because of the personality behind the posts and the good information or amusing anecdotes provided.

Okay, so now what? Be yourself. Talk about what you and the staff are doing. Do you support a community group? Talk about it. Do you support Kiva? Talk about it. Do you go on buying trips or hole up for R&D sessions? Talk about them!

I recently posted this photo on my personal Facebook account thanks to a “like” by one of my friends (my personal account is connected to many of my client’s accounts so I use it to stay up to date with them.) I got lots of likes and even a few comments. It’s quirky, people are attracted to it, and it gives them a bit of insight into me and my personality. It had nothing to do with my business, but it served to nurture the connections that are so important to the success of my business.

I would encourage everyone to loosen up a bit with the posts. Don’t post anything inappropriate or counter-brand, of course, but let your connections in on what makes you you and what makes your business tick. Once you have their attention, pepper in some product information and you’ll have a happy, informed audience. Good luck!