Facebook Changes Username Rules for Pages

Yay! It finally happened. Facebook has recognized that, sometimes, businesses need to update their usernames.

Go Ahead, Change Your Name (Once)
Up until now, a business that had already set its Vanity URL was stuck if they ever changed their business name, and therefore wanted to update their URL. I do know of a few businesses that successfully appealed to Facebook and got their URL changed (along with a stern note that that was the last time it would happen.) However, it was always a shot in the dark whether it would be approved or not and, if you’ve already attracted a significant number of “likes,” the thought of having to start again is just depressing.

But be depressed no more! Facebook is allowing one change per Page — so you can set it initially and then change it once. Personal usernames still can never be changed, however. This can all be done at facebook.com/username.

A Username for All Pages
Another change is that Facebook is allowing all Pages to set a username, regardless of how many “likes” your page has. Previously, you need to attract at least 25 “likes” (which was better than the initial threshold of 1000 “likes.”)

Click the image below to see a larger version.