Ah! I Want to Write but I Can’t Stop Browsing Blogs. How to Make it Productive Time.

I’m sure this has happened to everyone (except, perhaps, the most focused of us). You sit down to write — you’re determined to knock out some great content. It’s been percolating in your brain for days now and it’s time. Time to get it out onto paper/blog post/Word document.

But, instead of being a most excellent scribe, you open the internet and start scanning through different blogs. You find truly mesmerizing information on dog behaviour, take a tour through the mollusk lifecycle, and devour tips and tricks on how your childless self can better support your toddler on their first day of preschool. What was so important just 10 minutes before is lost in a flurry of earnest perusal.

The question is: Is this writing time lost?

It doesn’t have to be. I have a few things for you to try:

  1. Change the environment: Put on some music, go have a shower, walk the dog, or just go make a tea. Breaking the focus away from the unfailingly interesting blog posts can sometimes be enough to get you back in the game
  2. Dole out some tough love: Give yourself 5 more minutes and simply close down the blog pages. Open up whatever you’re using to capture your brilliant content and get down to it
  3. Go with it: Sometimes you will get onto industry-appropriate blog posts. Read them. And — this is the key to making this time really count — comment on them. Write thoughtful feedback on blog posts and link them back to either a blog post of your own or your blog as a whole. How? When you fill out the name/email/website portion of the comment form, just put your blog URL in there instead of just your website’s homepage. That way, anyone who wants to know more about the great commenter (I do this all the time) will click through to an appropriate spot on your site. You get to feel a little wicked AND you get some SEO building done. Win-win, really

Do you have little tricks for getting yourself focused? I’d love to hear it…share away please.

P.S. The image of the painting above is Throes of Creation by Leonid Pasternak. Fitting, no?