A Handy Shortcut: The Best Image Sizes for Four Social Media Profiles

I get very frustrated every time I need to update a social media profile image — either for myself or for a client. It seems like a big Holmesean project to find how big or small every image should be.

I always think, “Why aren’t these easily accessible? Why isn’t there a quick link on each social media site?” Why indeed.

So, thanks to a few helpful sites (merci Constant Contact and Fb pages: Sizes & Dimensions — very helpful, both of you) I have compiled a list of the specifications you will need to get the best looking profile images for each of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Pages.


Profile Image (your logo or head shot): 180px by 180px
Cover Image: 851px wide by 315px tall (keep the bottom 140px free of text as well as this will conflict with the profile image, page title, and buttons)


Profile: 400px by 400px
Header (banner): 1500px wide by 500px tall


Profile: 161px by 161px
Full Instagram Image: 612px by 612px
Image in Feed: 510px by 510px

LinkedIn Pages

Standard Logo: 100px by 60px
Square Logo: 50px by 50px
Banner Image: 646px by 220px

Remember that when images are displayed square (i.e. the dimensions are equal), often automatic cropping may be required. Always check that the main point of the image — for example, your head — is roughly in the centre of the photo, or it may not be included in the finished picture.