Adding a Gallery to WordPress

The Gallery feature lets you add and organize several images in a post. It is a basic feature in WordPress but many themes enhance the gallery’s abilities, thus it is a bit challenging to write a post that covers all of Gallery’s powers.

I outline below Gallery’s basic abilities. I’ve made notes where you might have even more options in your theme.

Step One: Open a New Post (or Page)

Write out your title and non-image content. Then, put your cursor where you want the Gallery to live on the page.

Open New Post and Name It

Step Two: Click “Add Media”

At the top left of the content box, click “Add Media.” The Media Library will open up. On the left-hand side of this box, there is a navigation. Click “Create Gallery” — don’t worry about the photos at this stage. We’ll get to choosing them next.

2 Open Media

Step Three: Choose Your Images for the Gallery

You can choose any of the images in your gallery. If you need, click the “Upload Files” tab to add in images. See how there are several pictures with check marks at the top right-hand of the image? Those are the ones I’ve chosen for this Gallery. Hold off on adding a caption here; you’ll be able to in the next screen.

Once you’re done, click “Create a New Gallery” at the bottom.

3 Create Gallery

Step Four: Choose Your Gallery Settings

This is where it gets a little variable. If your theme has new, exciting options, this is where you will start seeing them. Overall, you can add in captions here, choose what your images will link to (I usually choose “none.”), the image size, and how many columns the gallery will set up in. As well, you can check “Random Order.” If there is a specific order you’d like the images to be seen in, you can drag and drop them into that order here too.

Once you’re done, click “Insert Gallery.”

4 Gallery Settings

Step Five: Play Around with Your Settings

If you take a look at the gallery in your text editor, if will look like a row of code with image numbers — not very helpful. Choose your visual editor to make changes to galleries.

Click on one of the images and a box will appear around all the images with an “Edit or Delete” icon box above. Click “Edit” to make changes. It will take you back to the previous screen.

I recommend previewing your page and playing around with the settings until the page looks like you want it to. Again, these settings do sometimes change depending on the theme, but the ones I’ve mentioned above are standard in all WordPress installations.

6 Gallery in Visual Editor