What to Do if a Virus (or Malware) Hits Your Website

(Screaming and running around is optional.)

I have had to deal with malware in websites before.

It’s ugly.

Often the site is frozen or broken looking. The backend (or CRM) is quite often not accessible, because it too is frozen.

This is where panic sets in and you’re pretty sure your website will never work again. After all, you’re a small business — not large enough to have a computer management firm monitoring your system. A system that, let’s face it, is probably at least partly made up of what was in the house when you started your business.

Take a breath. It’s going to be fine. There are people to help.

Get a Malware Specialist

I have used Sucuri twice now and they have been excellent both times. They are an online company. They were referred to me by someone (I was in too much of a panic to note who I was talking to). I was impressed by how easy it was to sign up for their help, pay, and send over the information they would need.

In fewer than 4 hours, the site was back up and I was so relieved!

Sucuri is now my go-to company for malware issues.

Not Sure if It’s Malware? Check.

If something weird is going on, it could be many things. Malware is just one of the options.

To check if malware is the culprit, simply visit the Sucuri Site Check page. This is a free scan that they will do and let you know if they can see any issues like viruses and other mean-spirited code in your site.

If it isn’t a malware, the trouble could be coming from a misbehaving plugin or even from a compatibility issue. Call your website developer to help you figure out what might be going on.

Consider Finding a Computer Guy or Gal

Not every computer support person will know how to clean a website of malware, but they will probably know what steps to take and who to talk to to get there.

They may even take the technical bits off your hands. And, in a perfect world, will even interact with the malware specialist on your behalf.

The bonus? They will be able to help you with securing your computers, setting up backups, letting you know when you might need to upgrade your devices, and even which apps might make your business life easier. You may choose to have them monitor your system or just do routine, regular maintenance. In any case, having someone you trust a phone call away is peace of mind every business owner needs.

It is smart to spend some time now, while your technology is feeling fine, to find a computer person that you are comfortable with. Ask for referrals and, once you’re checking someone out, ask for — and check! — references.