Retreats for All! (Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur.)

I love what I do.

I love getting engrossed in a project and emerging several hours later with a plan or a really pretty, shiny piece of collateral.

What I did not count on when I jumped into the entrepreneurial life, however, was how completely involved running a company is. Even running a one-woman show with sub-consultants involves more savvy and energy than I had initially appreciated.

(Just the accounting alone is enough to send me round-the-bend batty.)

After almost 9 years of running along my Pebble Road, I have come up with a really good way of injecting imagination, creativity, and new perspective into my world.


Now, there are lots of ways to do retreats. You might be thinking about a corporate retreat right now, where there is lots of brainstorming and eating and planning. That’s not what I’m talking about, although there is nothing wrong with eating.

I’m talking about taking a break from your core business to focus on something that brings you a new perspective, ideas, or even just renewed energy. I have some ideas for you. Continue reading “Retreats for All! (Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur.)”

What to Do if a Virus (or Malware) Hits Your Website

(Screaming and running around is optional.)

I have had to deal with malware in websites before.

It’s ugly.

Often the site is frozen or broken looking. The backend (or CRM) is quite often not accessible, because it too is frozen.

This is where panic sets in and you’re pretty sure your website will never work again. After all, you’re a small business — not large enough to have a computer management firm monitoring your system. A system that, let’s face it, is probably at least partly made up of what was in the house when you started your business.

Take a breath. It’s going to be fine. There are people to help. Continue reading “What to Do if a Virus (or Malware) Hits Your Website”

How to Know if that Invoice for Your Domain is Real or Fake

Every few months, I get an email from a client asking me if the emailed invoice they just received to renew their soon-to-expire domain name is legit or not. I, too, get these emails and even get the occasional snail mail bill from some domain company demanding money or my domain will expire.

How to Check When Your Domain Actually Expires

The quickest way to confirm if it’s authentic or not is to check if you are receiving the notification a month or two before your domain actually expires. How do you do that? Continue reading “How to Know if that Invoice for Your Domain is Real or Fake”

A Handy Shortcut: The Best Image Sizes for Four Social Media Profiles

I get very frustrated every time I need to update a social media profile image — either for myself or for a client. It seems like a big Holmesean project to find how big or small every image should be.

I always think, “Why aren’t these easily accessible? Why isn’t there a quick link on each social media site?” Why indeed.

So, thanks to a few helpful sites (merci Constant Contact and Fb pages: Sizes & Dimensions — very helpful, both of you) I have compiled a list of the specifications you will need to get the best looking profile images for each of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Pages. Continue reading “A Handy Shortcut: The Best Image Sizes for Four Social Media Profiles”

I’m Giving Up Paper (& How You Can Too)

I don’t know about you but my office looks like an entire forest has just disintegrated into piles of paper.

Every few months, I get frustrated with the state of things and spend the afternoon clearing piles, filing, and stashing away the unfile-able in drawers. Afterwards, my world looks great. I have pens (who knew!), I can find my daytimer, and there are actual flat surfaces in my office. Huh.

A week or two later, however, it all returns. Or, it rebounds, as Marie Kondo would say. Continue reading “I’m Giving Up Paper (& How You Can Too)”

To Taylor, Love Candrina

For those of you who haven’t heard, Taylor Swift has written an open letter to Apple explaining why she would be holding her newest album back from their new streaming service.

She states that the service will be offering three month free trials and, during that time, artists will not be paid for their products. Apple quickly replied, changing their policy, and assuring Taylor and all of her Tumblr feed readers that, indeed, they will now be paying artists for their products during the free offer.

I have a few thoughts on this: Continue reading “To Taylor, Love Candrina”

How to Spot a Liar

This is a good skill for everyone to have — business people and non-business people. Pamela Meyer gives great examples — definitely a video worthy of your 20 minutes.

Ah! I Want to Write but I Can’t Stop Browsing Blogs. How to Make it Productive Time.

I’m sure this has happened to everyone (except, perhaps, the most focused of us). You sit down to write — you’re determined to knock out some great content. It’s been percolating in your brain for days now and it’s time. Time to get it out onto paper/blog post/Word document. Continue reading “Ah! I Want to Write but I Can’t Stop Browsing Blogs. How to Make it Productive Time.”