What’s Exciting in Marketing? Video, Video, Video

If you’ve already embraced video, then this post will seem oh-so-passe. But for the majority of us, video is still a new, exciting, scary proposition.

Benefits of Using Video

Why should you put yourself out there? Why budget the time and — maybe — money to make the type of video you’d be proud to put on your blog, YouTube channel, emails? There are lots of reasons! Here are just a few:

  1. They See You: Prospective clients and cheerleaders get to see you move and talk and smile and be a human. It’s a quick way to establish rapport with someone. In this case, someone who’s not even in the room and — possibly — not even in the country.
  2. They Get a Good Sense of Your Business and Offerings: Prospects will get a feeling right away whether they want to work with you or not. This filtering system is great. We all want to work with our best-suited clients and why wouldn’t we want prospects to work with an entrepreneur best suited to their needs?
  3. It’s an Engaging Format for Those Living in 2013: It’s true. 99% of us suffer from television-itis. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Video is a medium almost every attention span can get behind.

Proud Mama — Some Client Examples

Some of my clients have really started using video in their marketing over the last year or so. I have had a hand in writing and producing a few. For others, I’ve just been the proud supporter, cheering from the sidelines.

ActiveCo Testimonials

ActiveCo is working to build a cadre of videos for their website and presentations. First up was an employee testimonial video to attract talent to their ranks.

The Blending Bar Instructional Videos

Amy Reedman at The Blending Bar has developed a series of videos for her clients covering topics such as “Awakening the Spine, Awakening the Energy Body,” “Surrender and Release Pain,” and “Simple Ways to Bring Aromatherapy into your Daily Life.”

Amy has actually compiled all her videos on one page for easy access and review.


Focused Networking Advertisement-Style Video

Donna actually has a “walk on” video on her home page too, but the video I’m linking to below was produced to highlight her experience and tell the story of what she does for clients. Click on the photo below to see her video.

Marketing Specific Traits Makes a Better Campaign

Nissan has recently released a new ad for their Altima Tire Pressure Warning System. It’s a funny, lighthearted look at one of their newest product traits.

It’s also an excellent example of why marketing specific traits just makes for a better, more memorable campaign. After all, what good is a campaign if no one remembers it long enough to act on it?

First of all, I want you to take a look at one of their more typical commercials:

This one’s pretty good. It tugs at your heartstrings. It even ends with a feel good. But will you remember it in 10 minutes? You probably already don’t remember the first part of it.

Now, take a look at a commercial that is advertising a very specific trait of its new car:

You may not remember which car it’s for, but you can walk into any Nissan dealership and say you want to see the car that honks when you fill the tires. They’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.

Most ads ask you to remember specifics of the product to be able to find it again, if it even moved you to act. This one is not only entertaining but you don’t need to remember a darn thing about the product to act on the campaign. Describe the ad to someone and you’ll quickly find the right product.

Next time you are in the position of advertising your products and services, choose a very specific trait that makes you different from the competition and build your campaign around that. It’s not important that the viewer know everything about your company from seeing your ad once. You just need to give them something with which to start their search.

Clever Ads: India’s Law & Kenneth Worldwide Gets It Right

I love this ad. Not only is it bright and simple, but those are the characteristics that make it so darn good.

Take a look and see if you can figure it out…

Clever Ad from Law and Kennth

Did you get it? The white lettering can only be seen against the bright pink background by those who are NOT colour blind. The words are letter codes used by pilots when talking to each other and the control tower.

Take the first letter of each word to see the message — PILOTS WANTED.

Clever advertising, no?