A Handy Shortcut: The Best Image Sizes for Four Social Media Profiles

I get very frustrated every time I need to update a social media profile image — either for myself or for a client. It seems like a big Holmesean project to find how big or small every image should be.

I always think, “Why aren’t these easily accessible? Why isn’t there a quick link on each social media site?” Why indeed.

So, thanks to a few helpful sites (merci Constant Contact and Fb pages: Sizes & Dimensions — very helpful, both of you) I have compiled a list of the specifications you will need to get the best looking profile images for each of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Pages. Continue reading “A Handy Shortcut: The Best Image Sizes for Four Social Media Profiles”

Facebook Changes Username Rules for Pages

Yay! It finally happened. Facebook has recognized that, sometimes, businesses need to update their usernames.

Go Ahead, Change Your Name (Once)
Up until now, a business that had already set its Vanity URL was stuck if they ever changed their business name, and therefore wanted to update their URL. I do know of a few businesses that successfully appealed to Facebook and got their URL changed (along with a stern note that that was the last time it would happen.) However, it was always a shot in the dark whether it would be approved or not and, if you’ve already attracted a significant number of “likes,” the thought of having to start again is just depressing.

But be depressed no more! Facebook is allowing one change per Page — so you can set it initially and then change it once. Personal usernames still can never be changed, however. This can all be done at facebook.com/username.

A Username for All Pages
Another change is that Facebook is allowing all Pages to set a username, regardless of how many “likes” your page has. Previously, you need to attract at least 25 “likes” (which was better than the initial threshold of 1000 “likes.”)

Click the image below to see a larger version.

Avoiding Vanity Statistics: How to Really Know if Social Media is Working

I have several clients who spent their spare time (haha — like any of us have that!) combing over their social media stats. Their business confidence lives and dies on how many people they’ve attracted to their Facebook page, how many “likes” they have, and how many new Twitter followers they’ve accumulated that week.

The problem? These numbers don’t really matter. They’re just “vanity statistics.”

Vanity statistics are the numbers that make us feel the love. If 300 Twitter followers are good, 3000 must be better, right? Not necessarily. Yes, the more followers you have, the more people you can theoretically dash messages off to — sales offers, information, branding messages, etc. However, like all marketing, if you’re sending messages out to people who don’t really care, that message isn’t going to be very effective.

There are some statistics that are crucial to measuring your social media effectiveness. If you must hang your hat on stats — and who doesn’t love stats? — these are the ones (and, yes, they can be just as loving as the vanity stats.)

Google Analytics — Referrals

Okay, take a look in your Google Analytics for me. I know they just changed the interface and that it can be a bit scary in there, but never fear. This will be quick and painless. On the left, click into “Traffic Sources” and then into “Sources.” From that list, choose “Referrals.”

This is where the big money is.

Okay, let’s look at the centre table for the Facebook referrals — these are all the people that came to your website from Facebook. Look for both facebook.com and m.facebook.com (their mobile site.) Remember, that the default in Google Analytics is to show stats for the previous month (look at the top, right-hand corner of the page to see what date range your stats are for — change this range if you’s like.)

Are you happy with these Facebook numbers? They probably feel less loving than the vanity stats, don’t they? But these are the people who are actually interested in you and your product or service. This is the statistic worth striving to increase.

Just as an aside, Twitter shows its referrals as both twitter.com and t.co in Analytics. As far as I’ve seen, LinkedIn shows as linkedin.com.

Why Are Referrals Important?

Well, unless you are selling product directly off your Facebook page or Twitter account, your website is where the sales take place. Whether your potential client is gathering information about you and your business or entering in a credit card and choosing their shipping option, your website is where the money changes hands. You should almost always be driving traffic to your website.

How Do I Drive Traffic to My Website?

Make your website exciting to visit through blog posts, contests, value added products, and other dynamic content. Then? Talk about these exciting things on social media. Encourage people to visit your content. Use snappy wordsmithing and tease about what they’ll find if they click through. Make sure that once they’re at your site, you have something for them to do — sign up for a newsletter or give up their email to download a white paper or coupon. Make it fun! Even industries that are traditionally thought of as less fun can kick it up a little. Be creative.

Getting Your Facebook Vanity URL

Many of us have set up Facebook pages for our companies. Did you know that it’s possible to set a vanity URL for your page? Yes, you just need 25 or more followers and — voila! — facebook.com/SassyEntrepreneur could be yours.

How, you ask? After you have your 25 followers, click on this link http://www.facebook.com/username/ and Facebook will let you choose your user name. You can get to the user name function in the Account Settings area as well.

Beware! You can only choose your user name once — it can never be changed — so choose wisely.

Now that you have your very own vanity URL, what will you do with it? It’s great for business cards or any print material where users cannot just click a link to get to your Facebook page.

Note, you can have vanity URLs for LinkedIn (called a public profile — just hit the “edit” link beside it in your profile) and for Twitter too (it’s twitter.com/username for everyone — no need to set it up).

Speaking of vanity URLs, check out Pebble Road's new one! facebook.com/PebbleRoadMarketing. You can follow me too (or instead) at facebook.com/candrina