Genius Tweet: Twitter for Connecting in Person

I love this tweet.

It’s so simple but she has a day free and wants to network. I’m willing to bet she got a lunch date out of it too.

This is social media converting to real life ROI — take notes.

Marketing It, Old School

A good friend gave me a flat of soda from The Pop Shoppe for my birthday a while back. I just love the old, glass bottles (now with twist off caps, mind you!) and the nostalgic flavours. Okay, the flavours were nostalgic even when I was little, but you get my point.

As I sit here drinking my neon red-pink Cream Soda, I got to wondering — in this day and age of social media and web marketing, are there still great ways to market “old school”? Heck yes!

Three come to mind right away:

  1. Networking: Many people would rather visit the dentist than network in a group of strangers, but — done smartly — networking in person is a great tool. In some industries, it’s still the only way to get noticed. So, grab a few tips on how to get yourself out there, find an event that matches your business and personality, and go for it!
  2. Cold Calls: This one makes me cringe too, but it works really well in many industries where the trust built through personal interaction is important. Think group insurance. Think setting up referral partnerships. How can you soften the cold call? Ask for referrals from current clients and colleagues so the calls are warm. If you aren’t super comfortable on the phone, ask for a coffee meeting. Not everyone has the time to meet for coffee but if you’re in a more comfortable environment, your message will be better delivered and, hopefully, better received.
  3. Trade Shows: Done well, these can bring a great awareness to your company, sell lots of product, and fill up your email lists. Done badly, they can be a money pit. The lesson? Do them well — choose the right show or fair for your product and take the time to plan exactly what your booth will look like, how visitors will interact with you and your booth, what you will offer, and what you’d like to get from the visitors (e.g. purchase, email, feedback). As well, remember to follow up with the visitors to build a relationship and re-enforce the message they got at the event.

Take a few minutes to consider adding these oldies but goodies to your marketing activities. They may just be the fresh new approach you need!