Retreats for All! (Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur.)

I love what I do.

I love getting engrossed in a project and emerging several hours later with a plan or a really pretty, shiny piece of collateral.

What I did not count on when I jumped into the entrepreneurial life, however, was how completely involved running a company is. Even running a one-woman show with sub-consultants involves more savvy and energy than I had initially appreciated.

(Just the accounting alone is enough to send me round-the-bend batty.)

After almost 9 years of running along my Pebble Road, I have come up with a really good way of injecting imagination, creativity, and new perspective into my world.


Now, there are lots of ways to do retreats. You might be thinking about a corporate retreat right now, where there is lots of brainstorming and eating and planning. That’s not what I’m talking about, although there is nothing wrong with eating.

I’m talking about taking a break from your core business to focus on something that brings you a new perspective, ideas, or even just renewed energy. I have some ideas for you. Continue reading “Retreats for All! (Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur.)”