Consistent Blog Writing is Hard Work!

As many of you may know, it’s been a while since I have consistently written on my blog. Not because I don’t enjoy it — rather, because the rest of my business has been so — wonderfully — busy. I write for clients all the time but when it came to sitting down and consistently adding to my blog, well, it has been a little challenging.

The challenge, I must admit, comes in the discipline of sitting down each morning and starting the process. Now that I’m two paragraphs into this post, for example, I’m flying along. Sometimes clients tell me that finding topics can be difficult; that is not my issue, however, as I have several months of jotted blog topics around here somewhere. Oh, ya — there they are.

I do have a few tricks that work for me. I share them now in hopes that they help you.

  1. Give yourself a deadline: I don’t work well with time blocking but I can come up against any deadline and win. So, I tell myself that I will have a blog posted by noon each day. That gives me several hours to fit it in and my client “fires” can still be taken care of first.
  2. Shut off your social media: I think in the olden days this one was “shut off your phone,” but now we have even more to distract us! So, give yourself a break from texts, emails with juicy subject lines, “likes”,  and anything resembling a tweet or notification. Writing is best when you get lost in it; being constantly pulled back to the busyness of life is not helpful.
  3. Put on the tunes: I readily admit that this one may not work for everyone, but I use music to set the mood. Often, it can give me energy when I just want a nap or settle my head when I want to do anything besides sitting still.
  4. Go for a walk first: I like to read all my background material — especially if I’m writing simple instructions on how to do something technical — and then get out of the office for a bit. I find that it gives my brain some time to process the information and, once I return, the writing is much easier.
  5. Have fun: I write a lot of marketing or business-oriented articles and sometimes I need to write a breezier article or something more picture oriented, like the recent Clever Ad post. Not every day has to result in a serious description of the latest business process (although, I prefer that none of my articles be overly serious!)