Social Media Editorial Calendars

aka How to Stay Consistent with Social Media

The big trick with social media is staying consistent. It makes sense — your strongest relationships in life are generally with those you make time for, right? Social media is no different. Having these virtual conversations and building these relationships takes time and effort — consistent time and effort.

One of the ways to do this is by paring down the number of social media activities you engage in. Unless you have an editorial staff of 50, you cannot possibly regularly participate in all of the social media vehicles available. Can not. Please don’t try.

What you can do is choose the ones you know (or are pretty sure) will work for your business, your personality, and your time limits and participate in them regularly. Have I mentioned that consistency is important yet? Actually, not important. Key.

One way to ease the burden of regular participation — especially when you have a zillion things going on — is to write an Editorial Calendar. That sounds like a barrel of laughs, doesn’t it? Don’t worry! It’s not difficult and it can be fun!

  1. Write a list: Simply divide your paper (or spreadsheet) into three columns: week, activity, and topic.
  2. Now fill in the blanks: For instance, week one (March 1-7), might involve a newsletter, a few Tweets, and a blog entry.
  3. Write in the topics: Beside each activity (newsletter, Twitter, blog) write the topic you want to cover: the newest fashions, a book review, or anything else that pertains to your industry.
  4. Follow the calendar: No excuses. If it’s scheduled, do it. I know I sound like a tyrant, but — did I mention? — consistency is key. Add the dates and topics into your marketing calendar for quick reference, if you haven’t already.

You may be thinking, “But doesn’t this kill the spontaneity of social media?” I get your point. I thought that too and then I realized that I hadn’t added anything to my blog in three months. There’s a fine line between a commitment to spontaneity and abandonment. Don’t abandon your social media activities. The Editorial Calendar will get you through your busy times and — when you have time for spontaneity — feel free to add a not-planned blog post or LinkedIn update! After all, that’s what it’s there for.