Must-Have Technology: Google Alerts

Have you ever Googled your own name to be shocked at how many mentions there are of little old you? Ever pondered how to stay in the loop about a client, a supplier, a competitor? Ponder no more!

Google Alerts is a simple, super-easy way to watch the internet for updates on any topic, person, or company you’d like and to receive reports straight to your inbox! Use Google Alerts to:

  • Sweep the web for mentions of you or your company
  • Keep your ear to the ground for industry information
  • Watch out for changes to your competitors, suppliers, or clients
  • Keep up on news about a specific topic (e.g. an election, an upcoming film, or anything “Coquitlam business” related)
  • Stay in the loop on any topic Google covers!

How is this done? Simply go to Google Alerts and set one up today! If you have a Google account, log in and set up a series of Alerts that you can update and change whenever you’d like. You can even set the frequency of the reports you receive. Very handy.

How did it go? Are you receiving good information? Feel free to comment.