5 Tips to Exciting Holiday Marketing

It’s about that time. In fact, many people have already started figuring out what their clients are getting for the holidays.

This has always been a tough one for me. I usually think about the holidays right around mid-December. This isn’t making me look good, I know, but my personal shopping is often done on December 23. Admittedly, that’s too late to do something meaningful for clients.

So, I’m working towards making 2010 different! I have done some brainstorming and research to come up with 5 great holiday ideas for business owners. Let’s just hope I choose one and run with it…

  1. Dress up: Not like at Hallowe’en. I mean like Google does. Dress up your logo, your website home page, and/or your Twitter page with a holiday themed touch. Add a tree to your logo or temporarily change an element of your site to red and green. Add snowflakes somewhere. Be creative but don’t leave it up past the holidays. There’s being festive and then there’s being forgetful.
  2. Offer a festive video: Get the gang together to sing a carole or wish holiday cheer. You can send this out via e-card or an email and post it on YouTube.
  3. Books, books, books: If you don’t know yet, I am a book-crazed person. I love the smell of them, the look, the weight. Really. Getting a book for the holidays is like being sent on a short trip. Do you have a business book that you love? Why not send your clients a copy (my address)?
  4. Signature cards: For those of us who are determined to send a card, why not send one that is specifically designed for your company? Get in touch with your favourite graphic artist for a quote. It will probably be much less that you fear, you can add anything in there you want, and it will be more special than a stock card. Be creative with this — you can add in a coupon or a professional services “gift” offer printed on the card itself.
  5. Customize your gift: If it’s important to you to send a gift to clients, why not customize it? You can get almost anything with your logo on it these days — even M&Ms! Local chocolate shops (like Charlie’s Chocolates in Burnaby and Port Coquitlam) can often customize product for you. Try thinking outside the box this year — have a professional aromatherapist tailor a signature scent for you so you can send out room freshener spray or hand cream (I like The Blending Bar). The possibilities are endless.

Bonus Suggestion — I would be remiss if I didn’t offer this one up. Donate to your favourite non-profit and make a note of it in an e-card or holiday email. Food banks, children’s organizations such as neighbourhood houses and youth outreach groups, and homeless shelters simply do not have the advertising funds larger charities enjoy but need the support just as much. Ask around if you don’t have a favourite and I’m sure those around you will be able to open your eyes to a few new groups that do wonderful work.