Why I Use WordPress

I have chatted with a few entrepreneurs lately who either have a non-WordPress website or don’t have one at all. Of those who have non-WordPress sites, they often ask why I recommend WordPress as a website management tool.

Where do I start? I have lots of reasons but here are my top 3:

  1. It’s Easy to Use: No matter how complex your website design is, WordPress offers a simple and intuitive way to make updates whenever you need to. Yes, some sites use a lot of extras (called widgets) and some of these can be a little more complex, but for adding pages, posting to your blog, adding, editing, and sizing photos, and adding search engine-friendly information, it’s the bomb.
  2. It’s Extremely Flexible & Powerful: Only have a few minutes and no money to get a blog up and running? No problem. WordPress.com will host your site for free. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of templates (the “look” of the site) and can be blogging within the quarter hour. Do you want a hand-designed site with beautiful visuals that is completely interactive? With the help of a talented graphic artist and coder, you can get almost anything you can dream up. Looking for an artist/coder team? I can hook you up. Most people have the “in between” site — either a free or purchased template with some customization hosted on their own domain.
  3. It’s Lovingly Maintained & Updated: WordPress is community-driven. That is, it’s constantly being updated by people who love WordPress 400 times more than I do (that’s a lot of love). They spend their time and energy to keep the program the best it can be. Of course, there is a group dedicated to managing the program, but computer geeks all over the world are what keep it moving forward and growing.

Does this mean you should jump ship and leave your current website platform? Not necessarily. However, if you are upgrading or building a new site, take a look at WordPress. You might be pleasantly surprised.